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Guide Uncooled Thermal Modules

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Guide CUBE Series Uncooled Thermal Module
Guide CUBE Series Thermal Imaging Modules
City Monitoring, Key Infrastructure Monitoring, Forest Fire prevention, Smart home security.

Built on new cost-effective architecture platform and equipped with self-developed Vox uncooled FPA detector, Cube Series is the latest generation of GUIDE uncooled thermal imaging core. With high sensitivity, standard video interface, friendly free software and powerful expansion possibility, it is suitable for a variety of applications such as government security, security monitoring, industrial temperature measurement, search and rescue, automotive, intelligent transportation, UAV payload, outdoor recreation and so on. In addition, we provide a wide range of optical lenses for customers to meet their needs of different observation distance.

  • CUBE417: Self-developed 400×300 Vox detector,17μm pixel size effectively enhances the range mission
  • Insulation structure designed with heat emission in mind, excellent stability in wide ambient temperature range
  • CUBE817: Self-developed 800×600 Vox detector,17μm pixel size effectively enhances the range mission
  • Intelligent Image Enhancement and Automatic Gain Control

Guide PLUG Series Uncooled Thermal Module
Guide PLUG Series Thermal Imaging Modules
Industrial Process, Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Smart home use, Automotive ADAS

PLUG series utilizing GUIDE internally-developed uncooled focal plane array sensors, is an ASIC based uncooled thermal module with high sensitivity and reliable performance. Providing multiple standard interfaces and open protocol, it is strongly expandable and particularly suitable for the integration and secondary development of various products such as security monitoring cameras, thermographic IR cameras, portable infrared cameras, etc.
Besides, a wide range of infrared lenses can be provided to meet the needs of observation from different distances.

  • Switchable frame rate to ensure smooth video and good view experience
  • Ultra-low-power: long battery life, energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Standard interface: standard 50pin (DF12-50DS-0.5V (86)) , a variety of optional expansion boards
  • Various lenses: a series of lenses with standard or customized optical interface
  • Secondary development: complete SDK development library for continuous iteration and optimization
  • Professional infrared module with algorithms well-matched with GUIDE internally-developed detectors
  • Powerful PC control software with complete development kit
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