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Guide U.A.V. Thermal Cameras

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Guide TMS-7108A UAV Thermal Payload
Guide TMS7108 UAV Thermal Imaging Payload
Power Systems, Solar Energy, City Monitoring, Border and Coastal urveillance Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Forest Fire Prevention

Guide TMS-7108 series are payload system that consists with 3-axis stabilized gimbals, uncooled IR thermal imaging camera or HD visible camera. This system is designed for UAV with small size and light weight to be increasing the UAV’s flight time, not only monitoring and inspecting air-to-ground conditions, but also getting object’s temperature.

  • 32G storage capacity for IR or visible photos and videos storage
  • IR video can overlay payloads status information and the temperatures of max, min and centre
  • Video can overlay payloads status information
  • The azimuth angle and pitching angle can be operated manually
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