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Guide Handheld Thermology Cameras

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Guide B-Series : Tool-like Thermographic IR Camera
ApplicationsGuide B-Series : Tool-like Thermographic IR Camera
Thermography Power system, Solar energy, Industrial process, Building inspection

Guide B-Series is an efficient, budget-friendly and completely equipped infrared camera. This robust and very handy high-tech system thanks to its intuitively learnable handling and user-friendly single hand operation, which makes it an ideal tool for troubleshooting electrical installations, mechanical components, buildings, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and others.

Guide D Series : Intelligent Thermographic IR Camera
ApplicationsGuide D Series : Intelligent Thermographic IR Camera
Thermography, Power system, Building inspection

As Guide Infrared’s newly launched thermographic IR camera, the D-Series continues Guide’s tradition of offering both high-quality and innovative features. D-Series’ highlights lies in its rugged and ergonomic design. More than that, its brief operation interface and intelligent button navigation would make the first time user feel as an expert. Guide D-Series are equipped with optional lens set for different FOV requirements in different occasions. With built-in illuminator, you can easily take visible photos and compare them with IR photos, which help you find problems more easily.

Guide C-Series : High Performance Thermographic IR Camera
ApplicationsGuide C-Series : High Performance Thermographic IR Camera
ThermographyPower system, Solar energy, Petrochemical industry, Industrial process, Building inspection

Guide's C-series thermographic camera is an intelligent inspection device superior to any other thermal imaging products in its class. High resolution allows the electrical and mechanical users to pinpoint any overheating quickly and take accurate temperature measurement intuitively on a 5-inch 720P LCD display. The ergonomic rotating LCD and lens design makes it comfortable to aim up at any overhead components. Based on an open Android operating system design, it works not only as a thermal camera but also a mobile terminal for versatile application programs.

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