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Eventide Digital Voice Loggers

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Eventide's NexLog IP-based communications recorders are specifically designed for Mission Critical 24/7 operation in dispatch, air traffic management, emergency call-taking and other important communications environments. With thousands of recording systems deployed around the world, Eventide understands that reliability is the NexLog recorder's primary mission. All the resulting recordings are available immediately for instant recall, forensic replay, incident reconstruction, burn to CD, and export.

Use Eventide MediaWorks PLUS Client Software for enhanced incident replay & management capabilities including multiple-call replay, graphical time-lines, variable-speed replay, live monitoring and much more. You can access and use the MediaWorks PLUS Client Software from a Windows PC, laptop computer or tablet, Apple MAC, iPad or iPhone, or Android tablet or smartphone using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 9/10/11 browers with secure access to the Eventide NexLog Recorder.

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