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Dictation and Meeting Recorders

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Philips Digital Dictation RecordersThe Philips DPM-8000 Series of Digital Pocket Memos (DPM) offer take dictation to a new level using breakthrough 3D Mic technology. The Philips Digital Voice Tracers (DVT) offer different solutions for note taking, conversation recording, distance recording and music recording. Transcription packages with foot pedal and headset available for all these recorders.

Philips Digital Meeting RecordersUse the Philips DPM-8900 Conference Briefcase for larger meetings using 4 boundary layer conference microphones. Record smaller meetings with the DVT-8010 (supplied with 1 x microphone or DVT-8010 Bundle supplied with 2 microphones. The DPM-8900 recorder can be used with up to 6 x LFH-9172 boundary microphones.

Philips SpeechMike iconDictate directly onto your Laptop using a Philips SpeechMike microphone and Speech Exec Pro software. Unit connects to your PC via a USB port. Use the LFH-3200 Series SpeechMike Air for total freedom without any restraining cords. Transcription Software with foot pedal and headset available. Use SpeechExec Pro Dictate software.

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