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Ahuja CWS-8000 Wireless Conference System

Ahuja Wireless Conference System features modern & robust design, intelligent control and accessibility. It uses a 2.4GHz digital communication technology with strong anti-intereference features. Secure and reliable wireless design for convenient installation. It features digital signal management and accurate information exchange. CWS-Series Wireless Conference System is ideal for various types of Corporate, Educational and Hotel Conference Rooms. The system can be installed with minimal wiring, thus not affecting the decor of the room.

  • The conference system consists of one host unit, one chairman unit and up to 254 delegate units.
  • 4G ADFHSS technology features high confidentiality and strong anti-interference ability, long operating range up to 50m.
  • Enables 4 microphones to speak simultaneously without mutual interference.
  • Optional free or request speech mode of delegate units controlled by the chairman unit.
  • Intelligent power management system features battery power saving (All units turn off automatically when the host unit is turned off).
  • Built-in high performance frequency shifter tries to reduce howling and enhances the sound pick up effect.
  • All units have LCD display indicating the working status and battery level.
  • Audio output of host unit can be connected to an external amplifier and external speakers

Ahuja CM-5000 Wired Conference System

The Ahuja CM-5000 Conference System provides much required sound reinforcement at meetings and conferences. It is designed to combine aesthetics with clear, highly intelligible sound whilst minimising acoustic feedback. This system is designed to handle a wide variety of conference applications; Boardrooms, Large Conference Halls & open conferencing in open Convention Centres.

At the core of the conference system is the Central Amplifier which has a built-in 50W PA Amplifier which allows additional external speakers to be coonected, if required - for example in a public or press gallery. Provision is made for the connection of low impedance speakers or 70V/100V speakers. The amplifier has inputs for three microphones and an auxillary audio source,

The Central Amplifier also has a digital MP3 recording and playback facility. This enables the proceedings of the meeting to be easily recorded, and also allows pre-recorded messages or speeches to be played back.

  • CMC-5100 Chairman Unit, 47cm microphone, LED indicator, PTT & priority switch, 2.5m cable
  • CMD-5200 Delegate Unit, 47cm microphone, LED indicator, press to talk switch, 2.5m cable
  • CMA-5400 Central Amplifier, built-in digital MP3 recorder, 50W PA amplifier
  • CMB-4500 Conference Expansion Unit, allows additional Units per system
  • Custom transport cases for 12 or 24 Chairman/Dslegates units
  • Supports 150+ devices per system using CB-4500 Conference Expansion Units

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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