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Make your voice heard in the field with AC mains & battery powered systems from a compact 30W to powerful 250W systems. Built-in receivers, CD/MP3 players, wireless microphones, etc.

Mipro MTG-100 Digital Wireless Tour Guide are comprised of two powered models, using lithium rechargeable battery and disposable AA battery systems.

Models are available with built-in mixers, tuners and CD/MP3 players; low, medium & high power, multi-zone and preamplifiers. High and low impedance audio outputs. Mobile PA amplifiers.

Desktop microphones with flexible gooseneck (with or without chime) for use for PA system, conference system and voice alarm system. High sensitivity microphone with round ring indicator.
Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld wired microphone with on/off switch Wide. Headworn and lapel microphones for use with bodypack transmitters.
Wide choice UHD/VHF wireless receivers (single, duak and quad). Use with woreless handheld microphones or headsets  and lapel microphones using bodypack transmitters.
Ideal for industrial and commercial applications, hotels, schools, offices and factories, Available with built-in 100V line transformers, up to 10W power. Coaxial and Fireproof Ceiling Speakers available.

Column Speakers for indoor and outdoor applications such as Auditoria and Airport Lounges. Available in 15W and 20W versions for 100V audio lines. Other power versions on special order only.

Weatherproof ABS Rectangular Horn Speakers in 25W or 40W vesions. Weatherproof aluminium 30W Round Horn Speaker. All speakers can be modified for low impedance use.

Two-Way Wall Mount Seakers are used in applications where background music and paging is needed. Designed for wide frequency response, high to low power, low & high impedance, 100V transformers.

PA Audio Splitter and Audio Mixers, Microphone and Speaker Stands. Public Address Fundamentals including plug types, cable size, connections, IP ratings, installation precautions, noice levels.

Available in both Shoulder Sling and Hand Grip Megaphones with 25W of audio output and built-in siren. Shoulder sling model has a separate microphone with volume control and switch for siren.

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