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Daytronik Solutions, South Africa

Welcome to Daytronik Solutions
Supplier of Top Quality, Reliable, Value for Money Professional Products
Daytronik Solutions, South Africa
Daytronik Solutions Products
  • Multi-channel voice logging Recorders for air traffic control, call centres, armed reaction control rooms, fire stations, municipal services, etc
  • Record all your communications systems including telephones (analog /VoIP /etc), two-way radios channels, intercoms, PA systems, etc

  • Recorders for interviews, meetings for up to 40 people, long distance recording, lectures and presentations, music and personal use
  • Record meetings on your laptop or PC with SpeechExc Pro Dictate software combined with SpeechMike Premiun Series microphone.
  • Handheld and fixed surveillance thermal imaging cameras for security, power plants, law enforcement, hunting and industrial applications
  • Different packages including thermal imaging monoculars, bioculars, binoculars, goggles and systems for recording via WiFi transmission
  • Mixer amplifiers, mixers, horn speakers, column speakers, ceiling speakers, wired and wireless microphones, speakers, stands, etc
  • Fixed systems and fully portable battery powered PA systems with wireless microphones, built-in recording, CD/MP3 players, and more
  • Wired and wireless delegates and chairman units with long or short microphones, and central amplifiers with built-in digital recording
  • Multi-language interpretation and multi-choice voting systems, video tracking systems. Transport cases available for portable operation

  • New Digital RF Power Meter 30 - 1000MHz, and original Broadband Analog in-line power meters cover from 2 - 200MHz or 20 - 1000MHz
  • RF power coaxial terminations, isolators, power monitors, dry loads with power ratings up to 300W, duplexers, filters, power dividers, and more

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