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Daytronik Solutions, South Africa

Welcome to Daytronik Solutions
Supplier of Top Quality, Reliable, Value for Money Professional Products
Daytronik Solutions, - South Africa
Daytronik Solutions, established in 2003, is based in Pretoria, South Africa and specialises in the provision of top quality, reliable, value for money professional electronic products and services to the commercial, industrial, public and municipal sectors.

Total Recall VR Communications RecordersTotal Recall VR Multi-channel Communication Recorders for air traffic control, call centres, armed reaction control rooms, municipal services, fire stations, financial services, etc. Record all your communication systems including telephones (analogue /VoIP /etc), two-way radios, intercoms, PA systems, etc.

Philips Dictation and Meeting RecordersPhilips Voice Recorders are easy to use and are perfect for taking quick speech notes on the go, but are also ideal for capturing conversations, lectures, interviews, music or meetings. No matter what you need to record, there is a digital voice recorder available which is specifically tailored to meet these needs.

Public Address Systems
Portable and fixed Public Address Mixer Amplifiers with digital players, Paging Systems, Mixers, Microphones (wired and wireless, desktop, paging, gooseneck, etc), Speakers (100V & low-impedance horn speakers, column speakers, ceiling speakers, Counter System, Headphones, speaker & microphone stands.

Wired and Wireless Confrerencing SystemsThe Ahuja CM-5000 Conference System can support up to 50+ delegates per system. The CM-5000 conference system has a Central Amplifier which can operate from 220VAC or a 24VDC supply, built-in digital MP3 recording with playback facility and also a built-in 50W amplifier for use with external loudspeakers.

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